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Case IQ Partner Program

We’re looking for partners who want to help us transform how workplaces identify, address and prevent incidents in their organizations.

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Collaborative Sales Engagement

We provide ongoing strategic guidance to identify opportunities and specialize in relevant Case IQ software, maximizing value for our mutual customers and driving mutual success.

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Comprehensive training and support

It’s at your fingertips, for free. 

We offer sales kits, e-learning tools, joint-marketing efforts, video tutorials, and technical support to ensure you have the resources you need to excel.

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Dynamic Solutions

We’re dedicated to continuous improvement, constantly enhancing our software solution with the latest technology and capabilities. Our goal is to provide the most reliable and dynamic case management software available, ensuring that our customers always have access to cutting-edge tools for their evolving needs.

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Worldwide experts and reach

With 20+ years of experience, our global footprint spans across several continents, with more than 5,000,000 cases logged and over 80,000 users.

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Go-to-market models

Partnership types

We are open to a range of different partnership opportunities, including:

Referral Partners

Our referral partners possess deep industry expertise and extensive networks. By recommending Case IQ to businesses in need of advanced case management solutions, they provide invaluable insights and connections that drive growth and success.

Reseller Partners

Resellers are valuable strategic allies, specializing in selling and distributing Case IQ software. Together, we expand market reach, accelerate revenue growth, and provide expertise in sales and distribution. With established customer bases and deep market knowledge, our resellers streamline selling, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience.

Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Partners

Our VAR partners are strategic collaborators who bring extensive experience and knowledge to the table. With their ability to deliver Case IQ solutions across various industries, they provide valuable consulting, solution development, and training services that enhance customer experience and success.

Professional Services and Industry Consultants

We actively engage with professional services providers and industry consultants who bring specialized expertise to enhance the value and implementation of Case IQ. By partnering with these experts, we ensure that our customers receive the best-in-class services and solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Technology/Integration Partners

Combining solutions at various levels serves us and our Technology and Integration partners very well. We’re constantly looking to improve and expand our offering, and find that these types of partners gain massive benefits in going deep with our industry leading Case Management Software. 

Case IQ Partner Program

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