Corporate Fraud

Asset Theft • Waste • Abuse

These cases can be particularly hard to detect. We help you organize and leverage investigative data to manage investigations, improve oversight and protect against financial liability and reputational damage.

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Corporate Security

Theft • Workplace Violence • Security Breaches

When investigating workplace violence, data breaches and other security incidents, time is of the essence. Now you have the tools to get the job done before an issue can escalate, and even prevent future occurrences.

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Customer Complaints

Handle complaints quickly and easily

Intelligent automation helps you collect, track and resolve cases more efficiently than ever. With a clear, searchable record of all complaints, you can filter cases by date, type, status and more. The result? Superior customer service.

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Ethics & Compliance

Corruption • Bribery • Compliance Breaches

Ethics and compliance lapses pose threats to every organization. Naturally, you need to deal with issues as they arise. But now it’s also possible to prevent many problems before they occur.

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Government & Public Services

Safeguarding the public trust

Federal, state and local governments all rely on Case IQ. There’s simply no better way to uncover and investigate potential fraud, waste or abuse. We handle everything from social services to Medicare and Medicaid.

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Health & Safety

Create a safer, healthier workplace

These days, it’s not enough to merely investigate an accident or injury. Once a case has been successfully resolved, you need to be able to leverage the data to proactively spot trends and prevent future occurrences.

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Rock-solid claims investigations

Any time a suspicious activity is flagged, a new case file is created and populated instantly. Case linking helps investigators see correlations between claimants, claim types and locations to identify broader trends.

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Title IX

Bullying, harassment & discrimination

A secure, anonymous portal allows secure real-time reporting of any sex- or gender-based incident. Case IQ integrates seamlessly with all major student information systems to help you create a safer campus environment.

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Human Resources

Discrimination • Harassment • Misconduct

Resolve any workplace incident efficiently, safely and decisively. Our state-of-the-art software provides the clarity and perspective you need to take action, spot trends and safeguard against future incidents.

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Case IQ Resource Center

Insights, guidance, and tools to help your investigations.

Solutions for Every Organization

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