5 Things Every Job-Seeker Should Know Before Joining i-Sight

5 Things Every Job-Seeker Should Know Before Joining i-Sight

Every company has its own unique culture. In order to find the right fit for you, consider your preferences in social interactions, corporate structure, communication style, and approach to projects. How do you like to work and interact with your colleagues?

i-Sight focuses on three core values: Caring, Mastery, and Candid Communication. Want to know more about what it’s like to be a part of Team i-Sight? Here’s what to expect.

Be embraced by a massive community of like-minded individuals.

i-Sight functions on community and you’ll never feel like you can’t tap someone’s shoulder when you need a hand. At i-Sight, your network of 180+ comrades are behind you every step of the way.

You’ll also get to collaborate with a world-class team, and challenge them so that they get better and evolve in real time.

Level up your skills and experience what true mastery feels like.

When working on projects, you’ll be able to bring new and exciting ideas to the table. Not many organizations give you the freedom and trust to run with whatever ideas and challenges you want, no questions asked. You’ll enjoy the freedom of performing to your peak potential with agility, trust, and no red tape.

You’ll face new software problems, have the opportunity to address your knowledge gaps, and learn how to own your projects with confidence. At i-Sight, you’ll work to eradicate risk, fraud, and security threats with a product that’s best-in-class.

Make your voice heard.

Candid communication is one of the secret sauces that make i-Sight great. When you communicate with confidence instead of fear or restraint, you avoid the petty problems that have no place in a budding business. We’re honest and transparent with each other and comfortable ditching jargon for plain-speak. We’re not territorial about ideas and collectively do what’s best for the team and the clients.

Get your fingerprints on really cool stuff.

You get the solve important, real-world problems that will help accelerate your career. You can get your finger on the pulse of our customers and drive change by helping to build industry standard products. And as your team grows, so do you. You and the team ride the rocket to success together.

Enjoy the ride.

As much as we love to win, we also love to let loose. At i-Sight, you can join regular team-building and social outings, join our sports leagues, live it up with half-day Fridays through the summer, and take a break with extended holiday time off in December. With work being such big part of your life, you should love what you do and enjoy the ride.

Want to see more of what it’s really like to work at i-Sight? Head over to our careers page to learn more and see if any of our open positions are a good fit for you!