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Conduct investigations efficiently and effectively.

Case management software helps organizations handle virtually any workplace incident.

Address workplace incidents with confidence.

Protect against risk with accurate information and documentation for every investigation.

Resolve today’s vulnerabilities, and prevent tomorrow’s.

Get the essential data today’s employers need to protect their people, organizations and brands.

Trusted worldwide.

Case Management for Today's Workplace

Millions of cases resolved. Billions in litigation avoided.

Nobody can afford a mismanaged investigation

In today’s legal and economic climate, a sloppy investigation can do as much damage as the misconduct incident itself. Our tools make consistent, fully-documented case management a reality.

Enhance workplace investigations

Maintaining a culture of compliance is crucial

Preventing ethics and compliance violations begins with establishing a culture of compliance. Case IQ helps employees, compliance officers and leadership work together more effectively than ever.

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Help end the workplace harassment epidemic

Workplace harassment can often be traced to similar incidents that were unseen, ignored or mishandled. Discreet, anonymous reporting is just one of the ways Case IQ can help create a speak-up culture.

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Modern Software for Investigations

Resolve today’s cases. Prevent tomorrow’s vulnerabilities.

Whether you’re an investigator, part of a case management team or an executive leader, Case IQ is here to help you.

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Close Cases Efficiently

Investigations can be complex and challenging. Our purpose-built case management software is the modern, professional tool kit for getting the job done.

Make Your Team More Effective

Case IQ is a true force multiplier for investigative teams across all types of organizations. When you’re already working hard, the key to providing greater value is to work smarter.

Lead with Confidence

Comprehensive analytics give you the big-picture perspective every leader needs. We help you develop a sound strategy for mitigating a wide range of risks, now and in the future.

The Case IQ Platform

Advanced case management tools, at your fingertips.

Our acclaimed software adapts easily to your organization’s workflow, so you don’t miss a beat. As soon as you’re up and running, you’ll find day-to-day tasks becoming more intuitive and efficient. You’ll also be able to spot patterns and trends, helping you mitigate organizational risks.

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It’s important to create an environment where people feel comfortable speaking up. With the widest available range of incident reporting channels, Case IQ ensures that every employee has a way to discreetly call attention to issues that requires timely resolution.

Omnichannel reporting

When someone needs to report an incident, our system lets them choose email, phone, web and more.

Anonymous reporting

Give people the power to submit reports safely and securely, in compliance with global privacy laws.

Accept any type of file

Employees can submit evidence in whatever format they have – audio, video, PDFs, documents and more.

Configurable intake forms

30+ user-definable field types help you get the data you need, organized in a way that works for you.


We designed the Case IQ platform to be easily configurable by the people who use it. Fine-tuning forms, dashboards and reporting lets you adapt your workflow to best fit the unique needs of your organization. This gives you the power to efficiently resolve more cases.

The most flexible approach

Easily configure fields, templates and rules to best fit your organization’s unique process and needs.

Automate where it makes sense

Automating workflows can eliminate repetitive manual tasks, letting you focus on getting more done.

Restrict access to sensitive data

To ensure maximum security, adjust access levels based on case type and individual team member roles.

Keep every case moving forward

Maintaining momentum is key. Setting alerts, reminders and timelines is a great way to stay on track.


High-quality analytics provide the essential insights you need to spot trends, identify problem areas and lead more confidently. Case IQ includes full access to Yellowfin BI, the acclaimed reporting tool that we consider to be the industry’s best.

Dynamic dashboards

Easily tailor on-screen dashboards to best suit each user’s job role, workflow and visual preferences.

Intuitive reporting at its best

Award-winning business intelligence tool with “ask me a question” AI functionality built right in.

Real-time status updates

Nobody has time to prepare reports for stakeholders on a timely basis. Smart automation is the answer.

Drag-and-drop simplicity

No need for reporting expertise – create clean, professional-looking reports in just minutes.

The Trusted Resource

80K+ users. 5M+ cases resolved. 10M+ lives safeguarded.

As an industry leader and pioneer for over 20 years, Case IQ has always been 100% focused on providing the very best in service and support.