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Government Fraud

For government and public service agencies alike, Case IQ provides the trusted solution for addressing fraud, waste, and abuse and recovering funds.

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No one loves statistics more than a governmental agency and I can run reports in seconds when requested. Love the ease of use, very reliable and stable. We had so many fraud referrals we couldn’t ‘see the forest because of the trees’ and we had the cases dying in file cabinets and in peoples’ offices. Also, it assisted in us developing one nomenclature for an office that had been formed from 3 different departments.”

Chris B., Program Manager Government Administration
Data Points

Growing Impact of Fraud


Per the ACFE, government and public administration is the sector most commonly victimized.


The U.S. Department of Justice recovered $2.2B from civil fraud cases in 2020 alone.

12 Months

According to the ACFE, the average fraud case lasts 12 months before detection.

How Case IQ Helps

Track, manage, and prevent FWA with one tool

Case IQ gives you the tools to manage any volume of fraud, waste, and abuse cases with ease – and with insights you need to prevent more cases in the future.

  • Integrate with all detection systems
    Every alert, referral, and tip is documented and quickly assigned to the appropriate authority for review and potential investigation.
  • Document, review, recover
    Automatically track correspondence and audits in provider fraud cases. We help you manage and document everything, including criminal proceedings or repayments so you can recover more funds.
  • Keep data secure
    To comply with your department’s IT security compliance requirements information access can be restricted down to the field level, allowing secure case monitoring by supervisors and collaboration without compromising privacy.
  • Identify trends and hotspots earlier
    Capture data by state, county, provider, case type, etc. to pinpoint high-risk areas. We even auto-generate required FNS and CMS reports such as 366B forms.
The Case IQ Platform

Advanced case management tools, at your fingertips

Our acclaimed software adapts easily to your organization’s workflow, so you don’t miss a beat. As soon as you’re up and running, you’ll find day-to-day tasks becoming more intuitive and efficient. You’ll also be able to spot patterns and trends, helping you mitigate organizational risks.

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Government Fraud

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