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Case IQ’s open, flexible approach to integrations allows you to connect seamlessly to your core systems for greater efficiency and control.

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HRIS Integrations
HRIS Systems

Leverage data in any HRIS system

Case IQ seamlessly integrates with any Human Resource Information System (HRIS), leveraging real-time employee and manager data to alleviate the administrative workload for investigation staff.

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human resource software
CRM and ERP Systems

Pull customer information from CRM or ERP systems

Connect Case IQ with your Human Resource System (HR System) to access the latest customer or student information instantly.

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Identity Providers

Fast, secure sign-on for your staff

Empower your employees to access Case IQ swiftly and securely through Single Sign-On (SSO) via our integrations with leading identity providers.

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investigation management and reporting
Ticketing Systems

Connect with ticketing systems to leverage case data

Enhance your investigation management and reporting capabilities by seamlessly integrating Case IQ with your existing ticketing systems.

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HRIS Integrations-Ready Case Management Platform

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