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Corporate Security

Track and investigate security incidents while proactively analyzing trends to pinpoint areas of risk and prevent problems.

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Case IQ is absolutely future-proof and can be used to generate meaningful, actionable data, as well as provide assurances to any stakeholders that your company or organization is complying with due process and any transparency requirements. The reports we have generated have been consistently praised for the value added to our organization and high-level stakeholders continue to base their decisions on the data that we are able to provide: this would be basically impossible for us to do without [Case IQ].”

Administrator in Security & Investigations for a United Nations agency
Data Points

Rise in Security Incidents


Annual ransomware attacks are up by 84 percent compared to 2022.


A cyberattack took place every 39 seconds in 2023.

$330 billion

Workplace violence causes American businesses to lose, on average, $250 to $330 billion every year.

How Case IQ Helps

Protect your people and places with proactive case management and secure intake

With the improvements Case IQ offers to your incident intake and investigative process, you can ensure timely compliance and swift generation of reports—all to help you best defend your organization, its properties, and its people.

  • Capture incident reports instantly
    Streamline your intake process with flexible, configurable options. Case IQ creates a case file for each incident, then alerts the team to ensure quick response and resolution.
  • Ensure timely compliance
    Compliance automation, form templates, and user-configurable workflows help keep your team on track and fully compliant.
  • Generate complete, compliant reports in seconds
    Providing critical data to regulators, leadership and other stakeholders has never been easier.
  • Proactively identify your greatest risks
    Analyze data by department, region, country, incident type, or any other variable. Problem areas become much easier to visualize with the help of auto-generated maps, graphs, and charts.

Corporate Security

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