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Case Management Forms

Easily tailor any case management form to fit your organization’s case processes and brand. This creates a more intuitive, more professional user experience.

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Drag-and-drop simplicity

The Case IQ case management form builder tool is designed to easily create clear, professional-looking forms in minutes. Drag, drop and rearrange as you go – it really is that simple to create any custom forms for case management.

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Reflect your brand

Configure your case management forms with your organization’s logo, brand colors, and more. This creates a more reassuring experience, letting employees know their leadership takes investigations seriously.

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Better forms, better data 

Full control over your forms is vital to the efficiency and effectiveness of any investigation. The freedom to customize forms on the fly can help make your entire operation more flexible and responsive, while ensuring you get exactly the data you need.

Helpful form guidance

Adding text and subtext to form fields creates a clear, easy-to-follow process for users. It’s a great way to anticipate questions and remove ambiguity.

Dynamic reporting

Case IQ’s reporting tools adapt instantly to any changes you make on forms, so reports always keep pace with your current business needs.

30+ form field types

Case IQ’s form tools support a wide range of field types, making it easier to receive and manage virtually any type of data your team requires.

Flexible Case Management Platform

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