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Case Management

Streamline case management with automated workflows, precise organization and unquestionable security.

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case management software
Centralized Documentation

Reduce risk with secure case file documentation

Streamline and secure your investigation workflow with centralized documentation, ensuring that every piece of data is safely stored in one place. Set file retention periods, dates and rules for risk mitigation.

Task Assignment

Keep investigations moving forward with effective task management

Tasks can be assigned both internally (to those with system access) and externally (via email) to other people, who may be involved in case resolution. You can designate responsibility to complete each action and set up automatic email reminders of upcoming due dates.

Email Management

Easily manage emails from one centralized location

In-application email allows users to create, send and receive emails directly from the application, providing a clear audit trail of all emails related to a case.

Advanced Search Capability

Easily find the vital case information you need

Easily find data anywhere in the case files and attachments and create saved searches based on specific search criteria.

Mobile Version

Allow your team to keep working when away from their desks

Users can access Case IQ via a mobile version of the platform, and take advantage of speech-to-text capabilities.

One-Click Investigation Reports

Create accurate, detailed, organized investigation reports in seconds

This feature alone can save an investigator hours that might otherwise be wasted hunting down information or cutting and pasting text between documents.

Related Cases

Identify potentially related cases- instantly

Spotting patterns and trends can help prevent future problems. Our investigation case management software flags similarities that you may not notice otherwise.

Configurable Workflow

In an era of doing more with less, optimizing your case management workflow through automation can be a game-changer. Discover how our solutions can help you achieve efficiency and productivity gains today.

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  • Tailor each field or form

  • Dynamic grid filters

  • Automate any process

  • Optimize every workflow

Tailor each field or form

Easily modify your case management forms to remove unnecessary elements and conform more closely to your organization’s specific processes. In an information-heavy environment, any opportunity to simplify is a good thing.

Dynamic grid filters

One of the biggest challenges when working with lots of data? Honing in on the specific information you need. By allowing you to filter data from cases, notes and forms with one click, Case IQ makes it easier than ever.

Automate any process

Manual investigative steps can be dull and repetitive. When they aren’t executed immediately, these same tasks threaten to slow down case resolution. Eliminate delays by automating notifications, reminders, data autofill rules and more.

Optimize every workflow

It only takes seconds to create intuitive workflows that make sense within your organization. Making adjustments later is just as easy, so you can always be quick to adapt as new scenarios, policies or compliance requirements emerge.

Welcome to the Future of Case Management

Leverage the Power of Generative AI to Improve Your Investigation Report Quality and Efficiency

In an era where data is king, staying ahead in workplace investigations means leveraging the most advanced tools available. Our latest generative AI Copilots transform how you manage and resolve workplace incidents. Experience unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and insight with our AI-enhanced case management software.

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Compiling evidence and other case information and producing final reports can be time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. Case IQ’s Summarization Copilot leverages generative AI to instantly summarize the pertinent details of your case, and produces a consistent, complete case report in seconds, freeing you up to attend to more strategic parts of your job.

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Safeguarding Your Organization's Sensitive Data

The security of your organization’s sensitive data and the privacy of your employees is our top priority. Case IQ has worked with Microsoft’s Azure AI team to develop the most secure, and confidential case management system available on the market.

When you use the Summarization Copilot, your prompts, outputs and data:
-Are NOT available to other customers
-Are NOT available to OpenAI
-Are NOT used to improve OpenAI models
-Are NOT used to improve any Microsoft or 3rd party products or services.

Case IQ’s regular data privacy and security standards apply to data used in the Summarization Copilot. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and the configurable Access Controls built into Case IQ are applied to the Summarization Copilot as well.

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Designed to Scale

Case IQ is designed to scale. Whether for a single department and an entire enterprise, Case IQ is trusted by organizations of all sizes.

Handle any type of case across an organization

Case IQ makes it easy to connect securely with team members in another division, another office or another country. Your entire organization will benefit when you share a single source of truth on a single, comprehensive platform.

Enterprise-Wide Case Management

Handle any type of case within a department

The Case IQ platform isn’t just scalable – it’s also highly configurable. Just like investigations themselves, departments come in all shapes and sizes. Rest easy knowing that as your specific needs evolve, so will your case management software.

Fully Configurable Platform

Adapt without stopping

Organizational growth, new policies and shifting compliance requirements can all dictate changes in workflow and staffing. Case IQ lets you make those changes on the fly, all without losing precious momentum or efficiency.

Purpose-Built, Adaptable Case Management Software
Solutions for Every Organization

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