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Case IQ is designed to scale. Whether for a single department and an entire enterprise, Case IQ is trusted by organizations of all sizes.

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Trusted worldwide.

Handle any type of case across an organization

Case IQ makes it easy to connect securely with team members in another division, another office or another country. Your entire organization will benefit when you share a single source of truth on a single, comprehensive platform.

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Handle any type of case within a department

The Case IQ platform isn’t just scalable – it’s also highly configurable. Just like investigations themselves, departments come in all shapes and sizes. Rest easy knowing that as your specific needs evolve, so will your case management software.

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Adapt without stopping

Organizational growth, new policies and shifting compliance requirements can all dictate changes in workflow and staffing. Case IQ lets you make those changes on the fly, all without losing precious momentum or efficiency.

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Teamwork made simple

Case IQ offers a host of thoughtful features designed to foster seamless collaboration, even across sprawling multinationals that normally find it difficult to cut through red tape. You can easily compartmentalize work wherever that makes sense, while maintaining a consolidated reporting environment.

Flexible collaboration

Need to loop in members of another team? Grant them specific, limited access on a case-by-case basis as required.

Smart access controls

Case IQ makes it easy to grant different departments access to only their specific data, even when they share an installation.

Custom workflows

Workflows and automation rules can vary by department. We let you tailor your system to fit every group’s needs perfectly.

Scalable Case Management Platform

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