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End-to-end investigative case management to address workplace incidents and risks

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Create a speak-up culture while generating better data for decision-making.

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Omnichannel. Case IQ offers the widest range of input channels, making it easier for employees to submit workplace incidents and organizations to gather essential data.

Triage. Triage cases quickly with the right data captured on intake.

Anonymity. Cases can be submitted anonymously, protecting employees and encouraging them to speak up.

Configuration. Easily configure case intake forms to adjust to your organization’s unique processes and evolving needs.

Case Management

Reduce risk and drive efficiency with intelligent case workflows.

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Centralization. Securely centralize case documentation in one place.

Documentation. Track and record all changes to your case file for documentation purposes.

Automation. Create automated workflows to assign cases and move them forward.

Case Reports. Generate comprehensive case reports with one click.

Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive analytics, easy-to-use dashboards, and automated reporting help you save time, identify trends, and prevent incidents from reoccurring.

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Dashboards. Personalized, dynamic dashboards give you the insights you need to better manage current investigations and prevent future ones.

Yellowfin. Leverage the power of Yellowfin BI, an award-winning data visualization tool, to make your data come alive.

Reporting. Drag and drop report writing makes it easy to stay organized and keep stakeholders informed.

Library. Take advantage of over 75 types of charts, maps and graphs developed from insights gained over more than 500 installations.


Take advantage of the most flexible case management platform to reduce risk and drive increased efficiency in your investigation process.

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Forms & Fields. Easily configure forms and fields to match how your unique organization operates.

Automations. Resolve cases more efficiently by creating custom automated workflows that fit your case management processes.

Filters. Use dynamic grid filters top instantly zero in on the most important investigation information.

Reporting. Easily configure reporting tools to deliver better insights for better decision-making.


Built to handle any type of workplace investigation your organization or department needs.

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Breadth of Case Types. Case IQ can be configured to address employee relations issues, ethics and compliance lapses, fraud investigations, security breaches, and much more.

Adjustability. Adjust to organizational growth, new regulatory requirements, and new policies easily with a system built to scale.

Configuration. You can also configure Case IQ to handle virtually any type of incident within a department.

Collaboration. With secure access controls and a centralized case structure, collaboration across the organization is easy – and more secure.

Security & Privacy

Investigations are extremely sensitive. Our reputation for security and our stringent data protection program makes Case IQ the best choice for a secure investigative case management solution.

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Regulatory Compliance. Case IQ complies with the most stringent regulatory requirements including HIPAA, PIPEDA, GLB, and GDPR.

Privacy. Information privacy is protected through use of a data protection/privacy officer, the use of defined access roles, data masking, and more.

SOC 2. Every year, Case IQ is audited by a third-party security firm to validate compliance and retain SSAE SOC2 Type II accreditation.

GDPR. Case IQ maintains GDPR-compliant processes for the deletion, amendment and transfer of personal data.

Controlled Access

Intelligent access controls for the highest levels of security.

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User Roles. Configurable user roles allow restriction of case information based on department, location, exposure, and more.

Restrictions. Sensitive cases can be flagged with conditions that restrict access to only authorized users.

Settings. Case IQ has more than 230 individual access settings that can be easily configured for more secure access management.

SSO. Make secure access seamless with single sign-on (SSO).


Powerful form-building tools to improve case intake and reporting.

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Form Builder. Drag-and-drop form builder tool gives you the ability to create and configure case intake forms.

Guidance. Build in guidance tools to your forms to help staff collect the right data – the first time.

Branding. Forms can be branded with your organization’s logo and color scheme, to create a more cohesive experience for your workforce.

Adaptability. Dynamic reporting tools adapt to changes you make in your form structure, so you can always report on the most current data you collect.


Case IQ’s open, flexible approach to integrations allow you to connect seamlessly to your core systems for greater efficiency and control.

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HRIS. Connect Case IQ with your HRIS tool to connect with employee data.

Identity. Seamlessly utilize your preferred Identity Provider with Case IQ for fast, secure access for your team.

CRM & ERP. Case IQ integrates with common CRM and ERP systems to pull customer and interaction data.

Ticketing. Integrate with Ticketing Software to share information about complaints and other customer service issues that require deeper investigation.

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