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Case Management

Streamline case management with clear communication, precise organization and unquestionable security.

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Centralized Documentation

Get the most out of your case management system with the powerful platform features from Case IQ. Streamline and secure your investigation workflow with centralized documentation, ensuring that every piece of data is safely stored in one place.

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Clear Case Ownership

Once a case owner is designated, our case management system notifies that employee with an automated alert. This notification includes a direct link to the case, along with timetable, workflow and all other relevant information.

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Detailed Case Histories

Case IQ’s case automation makes clear documentation easier and more intuitive than ever. Our case management software automatically tracks and records all document access, views, edits and updates for every case, no matter how large or small.

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One-Click Reports

Create accurate, detailed, organized investigation reports in seconds. This feature alone can save an investigator hours that might otherwise be wasted hunting down information or cutting and pasting text between documents.

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Built for efficiency

Every investigation poses financial and reputational risks to an organization. And the longer a case is open, the greater that risk. This is why we place so much emphasis on speed and efficiency at every point in the process.

Intuitive customization

User-configurable workflow, user roles and form fields give you a system that works exactly how your organization needs it to.

Collaboration made simple

Clear communication and smooth teamwork are built into every facet of the Case IQ platform. Add or remove team members as needed.

Highlight similar cases

Spotting patterns and trends can help prevent future problems. Our system flags case similarities that you may not notice otherwise.

Automated notifications

Our platform is optimized to help you avoid unnecessary delays. Approvals, alerts and updates are shared instantly and automatically.

Modern Case Management Platform

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