Intake, Management and Reporting: How to Streamline Each Phase of Case Management

If you want to resolve issues efficiently and prevent future incidents, you need a streamlined case management process.

If you want to protect your organization and your employees, don’t settle for just any case management system. To ensure that every internal investigation you conduct is effective and professional, insist on an up-to-date software solution that’s efficient, risk-proof, configurable and scalable.



Without an effective intake process, you risk leaving incidents unresolved for too long, or even missing them entirely. This can allow small issues to escalate into more widespread, stressful problems. To reduce this risk, your organization needs a case management system that makes case intake simple and efficient. To make it easy for employees to report issues anonymously using hotlines, webforms and more, make sure you choose a system that offers omnichannel intake.

Because case management isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, look for a system that lets you customize all intake forms to fit your organization’s specific processes and data collection needs.

Finally, choose software (like Case IQ) that automates report detail collection, case assignment and triage. These smart features will help your team resolve cases more accurately, decisively and efficiently than ever.


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Well-organized, efficient case management is key to running successful investigations. You need a tool that keeps your team on track with deadlines and streamlines communication, all while protecting your sensitive data.

Our investigation workflow management system offers unparalleled configuration flexibility for case management optimization, increasing productivity and reducing errors. The intuitive interface and seamless integration add up to better outcomes across the board.

Our easy-to-use case management form builder lets you quickly create forms that feature the exact data fields your organization requires. Choose from over 30 field types, then add your organization’s branding elements for a more professional look.

Innovative access control makes it easy to grant individualized permissions, roles and access levels. This ensures that users, investigators and approvers can see only the data and features they need to do their jobs.

Look for software that’s scalable and easy to configure. As your organization grows and processes change, you need your case management system to change along with it. When you don’t have to put in a service call every time you need a little update, you can spend more time resolving incidents and improving your business.


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Reporting on investigation outcomes and analyzing data trends are key steps to preventing future incidents. However, these can be time-consuming and tedious – especially if you’re working with a small team. Case management software with built-in reporting capabilities streamlines these stages to save you time while still protecting your organization.

And if you don’t have time to write out final investigation reports? Case IQ’s software lets you create comprehensive investigation reports with a single click. They automatically pull in all the information you need from the case file to create a thorough, compliant final report for your stakeholders.

Reviewing historic case management analytics manually can take hours, and is open to human error. Case IQ case management filters your data by parameters you set, such as location and case type. Look for a system where you can create visual reports (e.g. graphs, charts, heat maps) automatically using case data to help highlight trends and areas of risk. You can use this analysis to make data-driven decisions like where to focus harder on employee training or update fraud controls.

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