Case IQ’s newest version includes pre-set templates, as well as AI-powered copilots for case summarization and translation. Click here to watch our run-down of these exciting new features.

We are Case IQ

In the world marred by fraud, harassment and ethics lapses, Case IQ stands as a force for good. Our mission? Helping people like you create safer, happier, more productive workplaces. 20+ years’ experience has shown us that together, we really can make a difference.

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Case IQ Mission

Creating safer, healthier cultures.

Organizations perform better when they foster a culture of honesty, openness and respect. We love knowing that happier, more productive employees are a direct result of the software we provide.


Users worldwide investigating cases through Case IQ


Cases logged across organizations and departments


Employees safeguarded today through our platform

Case IQ Culture

Our formula for success.

As a company dedicated to fostering supportive workplace environments for others, it’s no surprise that our own company culture is extra good. Here’s the ethos that guides everything from quick conversations to long-term decisions.


Be a go-getter.


Do the right thing.


Play well with others.


Love thy customer.


Life is short. Have fun.

Case IQ Team

Certified 100% global.

Born in Canada, our growing company now serves customers across the globe. And every Case IQ employee is trained on investigation processes. We incentivize ongoing education for the simple reason that expertise helps us serve our clients more fully.

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Join the Case IQ Team.

We’re a flexible, remote-first B2B SaaS employer offering opportunities to grow and thrive at every level. Our mission-driven culture values high-impact, optimistic go-getters who love helping make the world a happier, healthier place. Sound like you? Please get in touch.

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