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Configurable Workflow

In an era of doing more with less, optimizing your case management workflow through automation can be a game-changer. Discover how our solutions can help you achieve efficiency and productivity gains today.

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case management workflow

Tailor each field or form

Easily modify your case management forms to remove unnecessary elements and conform more closely to your organization’s specific processes. In an information-heavy environment, any opportunity to simplify is a good thing.

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case management forms

Dynamic grid filters

One of the biggest challenges when working with lots of data? Honing in on the specific information you need. By allowing you to filter data from cases, notes and forms with one click, Case IQ makes it easier than ever.

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case management automation

Automate any process

Manual investigative steps can be dull and repetitive. When they aren’t executed immediately, these same tasks threaten to slow down case resolution. Eliminate delays by automating notifications, reminders, data autofill rules and more.

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Optimize every workflow

It only takes seconds to create intuitive workflows that make sense within your organization. Making adjustments later is just as easy, so you can always be quick to adapt as new scenarios, policies or compliance requirements emerge.

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Built to be flexible 

You want case management automation software that adapts to fit your organization – not the other way around. Case IQ gives you the power to configure your case management tool to drive efficiency in your process and mitigate risk.

Configurable reporting

Case IQ allows you to also configure the reporting tool- by role, geography, department, and much more- so you get better insights to make better decisions.

Configurable access controls

Easily adjust the access controls that allow types of users to create, read, update, and delete data in your system.

Configurable Case Management Platform

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