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Case IQ Launches First Two AI Copilots to Transform the Incident Reporting Experience and Dramatically Streamline Investigations

The summarization and translation copilots address common challenges of HR/ER, compliance, fraud and security investigation teams.

OTTAWA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / June 12, 2024 / Case IQ, the leading investigative case management solution provider, announced today the release of their AI Copilot Suite for investigations. The first two components of the suite, Summarization Copilot for easy report writing, and Translation Copilot for investigator and reporter communication, were released early in June. Intake Copilot, the third component, is scheduled to launch in Q3.

These tools are not simple bot-style AI, but instead use Generative AI to detect and analyze complex case information securely. By leveraging Generative AI technology, Case IQ’s Copilot Suite will reduce the time investigators spend on administrative tasks and increase consistency and efficiency.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLM) continue to gain momentum and prominence in the workplace, investigators have expressed that their most pressing need is for AI to support case summarization and reporting. In a recent poll of more than 1,000 Case IQ customers and prospects, 62% indicated that summarization was the area of case management that needed assistance from AI the most.

Powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI leveraging GPT-4’s foundational LLM technology, Case IQ Summarization Copilot meticulously processes every piece of evidence. Beyond mere summarization, it offers:

  • Timeline Generation: Timelines that provide clarity and reveal hidden connections.
  • Evidence Analysis: Comprehensive evidence scans ensure no detail is overlooked.
  • Policy & Compliance Retrieval: Automated access to relevant policy documents and compliance regulations, ensuring investigations are legally sound and in accordance with best practices for the case type.
  • Recommendation Generation: Consolidated AI analysis leveraging both the case details and the relevant policies auto-generates a draft recommended outcome for the investigator to review, modify, and finalize.
  • Quality Control: Summaries generated follow guidelines set by the administrator, ensuring consistency of output across investigators and enabling overall report quality to rise, no matter who is generating the report.
  • Flexible Output: Administrators can set different report guidelines, which can be tuned for different types of cases, various intended audiences, and more.
  • Investigator Attestation: Auto-generation for all summaries requires investigators to review, modify, and attest to their responsibility for the finalization of the summary and conclusion to ensure responsible AI utilization.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: The use of Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service, combined with Case IQ’s strict data privacy and security protocols, ensures that client data remains completely secure when using the Copilots.

Keith Bauer, National Data & AI Leader at Microsoft’s AI Labs, stated in a Case IQ webinar, “Our partnership with Case IQ, especially in the utilization of the Azure OpenAI service, is unique in the market. It’s a testament to the deep collaboration between our companies and our shared commitment to our customers.”

Case IQ Summarization Copilot is adaptable to the unique needs of various organizations. From routine matters on a small scale to time-sensitive legal investigations, the Copilot uses organizational policies, industry best practices, and applicable legal documents to formulate a comprehensive case summary that can withstand legal scrutiny.

The Translation Copilot, also available as part of the AI Copilot Suite, uses AI to automatically translate reports and complaints, as well as subsequent communications between the reporter and the investigator. The tool detects the entry’s language and automatically translates it to the user’s default language. This allows reporters to report incidents in the language they are most comfortable with, increasing the likelihood that they will let the organization know when an incident occurs and helping to uncover risk. The investigator, in turn, receives the report in their language of choice, accelerating the investigation process and allowing the organization to support a diverse, multilingual workforce with centralized investigation resources.

Gabriela Snobrova, Chief People Officer at CLEAResult, stated in an interview with Case IQ that “Case IQ is on the cutting edge of utilizing AI inside its very comprehensive investigation management solution. I had a preview of the AI-powered Summarization Copilot, and I was very impressed. Given the importance of summary write-ups, I applaud the Case IQ team for prioritizing the launch of the Summarization Copilot solution. The ability to quickly produce a high-quality report summary will be appreciated by all stakeholders.”

Pricing and Availability

Summarization Copilot and Translation Copilot are initially available to customers on the most current version (v9.7) of the Case IQ platform. To see a demo of these new features, contact us at sales@caseiq.com. To upgrade your current Case IQ system, please contact your Account Manager.

For more information, visit https://www.caseiq.com/resources/announcement-introducing-ciq-assistant/.

About Case IQ

Case IQ is the leading investigative case management software for ethics & compliance, human resources, fraud, complaints, and corporate security incidents for organizations around the world. With multi-channel intake, configurable workflows, and analytics, Case IQ is a vital tool for modern investigation teams.

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