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Building an Effective DEI Strategy eBook

Building an Effective DEI Strategy eBook

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In a toxic workplace culture, incivility, small conflicts, unfair practices and other unprofessional interactions go unaddressed. Victims then fear that if these behaviors are allowed, harassment and discrimination are, too.

Many employees also fear retaliation if they report these incidents. Or, perhaps even worse, they don’t think their concerns would be taken seriously.

When developing your company’s DEI strategy, empathy is key. When all of your employees feel safe, welcome and heard, your workplace will be more positive and productive.

This free eBook explains how to develop a DEI strategy that fits your company's needs.


  • Assessing Your Company Culture
  • Determining Your Program's Objectives
  • Developing and Communicating Your Core Values
  • Providing DEI Training
  • Creating a Psycologically Safe Workplace
  • Encouraging Compassion

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