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CCE Social Media Forensics for Investigators


  1. Watch the ENTIRE webinar, from beginning to end. Use the pause button if you have to stop the webinar, but do not leave the page.
  2. Once the webinar is finished, click the the Request a Certificate button. (Note this button will become active only once the webinar is finished.)
  3. Complete the entire form and click Submit.
  4. Check your email for your certificate.

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Andrew Neal
Andrew Neal

Digital Forensics Expert

Andrew Neal has more than 30 years of experience working in technology, computer security, trade security and investigations. He holds several professional certifications in forensics and security, and is licensed as a private investigator and security consultant in multiple states.

Neal has authored articles for several trade publications including Inside Homeland Security and Managing Security Today, and has presented at numerous national and international conferences and seminars. He is an active member of several professional and community organizations, and often serves as an instructor or at the board level. He is also a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at El Paso, teaching digital forensics for the Computer Science Department.