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Core Values Exercises Cheat Sheet

Core Values Exercises Cheat Sheet

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While 90 per cent of American companies have clearly defined core values, many employees don't know the values of their organization. In fact, over half of HR professionals believe that less than 40 per cent of their employees could recite all of their company's core values.

By defining your core values, you let employees know what is expected of them, demonstrate where you are as a company and where you are going, and show clients and customers what is most important to you.

However, creating a values statement full of buzzwords that don't really apply to your organization can be confusing and even make your organization seem insincere. Conducting one or more core values exercises will help you uncover the values that your company would never compromise on so you can communicate them both internally and externally.

Download this free core values exercises cheat sheet to learn about six easy exercises you can do to define your company's core values.

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