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Data Ethics in the Workplace: Beyond AI, Privacy and Security

Data Ethics in the Workplace: Beyond AI, Privacy and Security

The rate at which we generate data is increasing at a dizzying pace, with estimates of 463 exabytes of data being created each day by 2025. While security and privacy are often top-of-mind when discussing data, organizations must also consider the ethics of data collection, analysis and movement and the risks that they present. Operating without a data ethics framework can cause permanent damage. On the other hand, a healthy approach to data ethics has immeasurable benefits.

Join Neal O’Farrell, data ethics expert, advisor and trainer, as he tackles this timely and important topic. Learn how to create a culture of data ethics in your workplace that can make almost everything better - from AI and big data, security and privacy, trust and reputation, even workplace harmony and productivity.

The webinar will cover:

  • Why data ethics is central to almost every industry and discipline
  • Ethical data decision-making
  • How to foster a culture of data ethics
  • How data ethics can improve the workplace

Webinar Presenter
Neal OFarrell
Neal OFarrell

Data Ethics Expert

Neal O'Farrell is a 40-year veteran of cybersecurity and privacy and a recent convert to the use of the data ethics principles of AI to improve security, privacy and trust. Neal is data ethics advisor to a number of organizations, teaches data ethics as a security and privacy solution, and is a member of the new ethics action cluster of the NIST/DHS Smart and Secure Cities Initiative.