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eBook: How to Detect Deception in Investigation Interviews

eBook: How to Detect Deception in Investigation Interviews

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The ability to detect deception is one of the most important skills an investigator can master. After all, the goal of an investigation is to find the truth and deception is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of that goal. Investigators need to pay close attention to the person they are interviewing to watch for indicators of deception.


  • How to set a baseline to gauge the interviewee’s responses
  • The forms of deception
  • Anxiety’s role in deception
  • How the language we use changes when telling a lie
  • How to improve your deception detecting skills

"How to Detect Deception in Investigation Interviews" Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Importance of Detecting Deception in Investigation Interviews

2. History of Detecting Deception

3. Reading the Signs

4. Setting the Baseline

5. Forms of Deception

6. Language Indicators

7. The Role of Anxiety in Deception

8. Body Language

9. How to Improve Your Deception Detection Skills

10. Additional Resources

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