Everything You Need to Get E&C Investigations Right (According to the DOJ)


Internal investigations have long been a part of every ethics & compliance program and every E&C professional’s tool kit. However, the US Department of Justice has made clear that internal investigations are more important than ever.

In October 2021, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco reinstituted the substance of the Yates Memo, requiring companies to turn over all information on any culpable individuals. Recent criminal enforcement actions by the DOJ have thrown new and increasing scrutiny on internal investigations. Now, CCOs and CECOs must certify compliance in any FCPA settlement.

In short, getting E&C internal investigations right has taken on a new importance.

Join compliance expert Tom Fox as he explores these topics and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • New scrutiny on internal investigations
  • It all starts with triage.
  • What is your investigation protocol?
  • Who is your ultimate audience?
  • Are you prepared to defend your investigation?

Webinar Presenter
Thomas Fox The Compliance Evangelist®

Tom is literally the guy who wrote the book on compliance with the international compliance best seller “The Compliance Handbook, 3rd edition” which was released by LexisNexis in May 2022. Tom has authored 21 other books on business leadership, compliance and ethics and corporate governance, including the international best-sellers “Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics” and “Best Practices Under the FCPA and Bribery Act” as well as his award-winning series Fox on Compliance.

Tom leads the social media discussion on compliance with his award-winning blog, and is the Voice of Compliance, having founded the award-winning Compliance Podcast Network and hosting or producing multiple award-winning podcasts. He is an Executive leader at the C-Suite Network, the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders. He can be reached at tfox@tfoxlaw.com.

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