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How Not to Get Called Out on TikTok: Improving Your Brand Through Employer/Employee Relationships

How Not to Get Called Out on TikTok

Improving Your Brand Through Employer/Employee Relationships


More and more, disgruntled employees have been taking to TikTok, Twitter, and other social media sites to share videos and posts of their bad work experiences. These stories are more likely than ever to go viral, which can lead to lost business, reputational damage, employee churn, and lawsuits, just to name a few unwelcome consequences for employers.

While some people might be acting in bad faith, employees have been finding tried traditional HR channels less than satisfactory. They feel un-heard and undervalued, and they turn to the internet to tell their stories, and receive fast responses.

You can't build a brand or accomplish your mission statement without your employees. To avoid the repercussions of viral incidents and strengthen your brand, you have to repair your employer/employee relationship and work culture—or better yet, create a healthy, ethical culture from the start.

Join employment lawyer Janette Levey as she breaks down major viral incidents including Better.com, Starbucks, and Amazon, their consequences, and what to do to avoid them.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Real-life examples of companies that have been called out by employees online
  • The repercussions public employee complaints can have on your company
  • Steps to building a better relationship and preventing major employee incidents through transparency, flexibility, and other ethical behaviors

Webinar Presenter
Janette Levey
Janette Levey

Employment/HR Attorney

Employment and HR attorney Janette Levey has more than 20 years of legal experience, more than 10 of which she has spent in employment law. It was during her tenure as sole in-house counsel for a mid-size staffing company headquartered in Central New Jersey, with operations all over the continental US, that she truly developed her passion for Employment Law.

Janette works with employers on most employment law issues, acting as the Employer’s Legal Wellness Professional — to ensure that employers are in the best position possible to avoid litigation, audits, employee relations problems, and the attendant, often exorbitant costs.

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