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Money Laundering: Following the Funds

Money Laundering: Following the Funds

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In the movies, money launderers are drug dealers and gangsters looking for ways to hide their briefcases of cash from the authorities. But in the real world, money laundering is a bit less exciting and a lot more strategic. Criminals are often trying to disguise income generated from fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, Ponzi schemes and scams. And instead of briefcases of cash, their crimes generate illegal proceeds in the form of checks, bank credits, money orders, bank wires and funds placed on prepaid debit cards.

Money laundering investigations involve a lot of research and digging. It’s a combination of knowing what to look for and following trails to find new strategies and schemes. By applying today’s technology and understanding to yesterday’s methods and schemes we can root out more information than ever before.

Join Paul Camacho, Vice President of AML Compliance at Station Casinos, as he outlines the schemes and tactics of today’s money launderers, what motivates them and what leads to their downfall.

The webinar will cover:

  • A history of combating money laundering from Capone to present
  • Money laundering tactics of yesterday and today
  • Motivations for money launderers
  • The future of money laundering
  • How law enforcement is embracing cyber sleuthing

Webinar Presenter

Paul Camacho
Paul Camacho

Paul Camacho is responsible for the effective deployment and risk management of the company-wide Anti Money Laundering program for Station Casinos. He is a retired Special Agent in Charge- IRS Criminal Investigation and is on the Board of Directors for The Mob Museum. He has advised the FBI, the IRS, FinCEN and ICE on AML matters pertaining to casinos and sports books and is a frequent article contributor to ACAMSTODAY.