Why Should Management Listen? Leadership Strategies for Investigators

Why Should Management Listen? Leadership Strategies for Investigators


As an investigator, you don’t define your value to the organization; leadership does. What are you doing to be a better business advisor and contribute to the organization’s goals? In other words, why should the bosses listen to you? 

Because misconduct doesn’t happen in a vacuum! It results from a perfect storm of factors like employee ignorance, a failure to see the larger implications, a lack of training and procedures, or a failure of internal controls. And you have a view to all of this in your cases. 

This webinar outlines how you can become a better strategic advisor, how to think like a business leader, and what keeps executives awake at night. You’ll learn how case management can drive a culture of prevention, and how you can prove the bottom-line ROI of investigations. 

Join Meric Bloch, Strategic Advisor at Winter Investigations, as he discusses how investigators can become business advisors to the C-suite using their knowledge of case management and risk assessment.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Goals of a strategic business advisor. 
  • What advice does a strategic advisor give? 
  • What should a strategic advisor not do? 
  • How an investigator can become a strategic advisor. 
  • How stellar case management positions investigators as strategic advisors. 

Webinar Presenter
Meric Craig Bloch

Strategic Advisor at Winter Investigations

Meric Craig Bloch is a Strategic Advisor, Designer, Trainer, and Investigations Coach at Winter Investigations.

Winter Investigations promotes the business success of its clients by helping them conduct thorough investigations using professional techniques and allocating resources efficiently. We help our clients maximize the value of their investigations, provide business-related intelligence, minimize business risks, and foster a speak-up culture.

Meric is passionate about investigations. He has 20+ years of experience as an investigator, subject-matter expert, investigations trainer, coach, mentor, and thought leader. He holds many certifications, including Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Financial Crime Specialist, Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional - Fellow, Certified Information Privacy Professional – Europe, and Professional Certified Investigator.

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