6 Lesser-Known DEI Categories to Consider in Your Workplace

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When you think of diversity, equity, and inclusion, what employee categories come to mind? Race? Ethnicity? Gender? Religion? Sexuality?

Making your organization a safe space for all of those groups is key to a welcoming, compliant workplace, but DEI doesn’t stop there. Employees may belong to other, lesser-known DEI categories that have unique needs and that are underrepresented, but that you might not have even thought of when creating your DEI program.

Digging a little deeper as you create your DEI strategy ensures every employee feels valued and like their voice matters at your company. This makes employees feel safe, gives you a good corporate reputation, and can even help you avoid discrimination lawsuits, non-compliance fines, and other negative repercussions.

Download this free cheat sheet to learn about groups you should consider when planning your organization’s DEI initiatives.


This cheat sheet includes:
  • Information about underrepresented groups your employees might belong to
  • How to include and accommodate these employees
  • Benefits of an inclusive company culture

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