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How to Use HR Templates to Streamline Administrative Tasks

How to Use HR Templates to Streamline Administrative Tasks

Are mundane, operational tasks eating up your work day? Improve efficiency by streamlining administrative work with free, downloadable HR templates and forms.

The administrative work for most HR teams is an endless pile of forms. Most of which are dealt with using tedious, outdated processes.

How Can HR Templates Streamline Work?

On a particularly rough day, an HR professional might fill out some paperwork, print a copy, track down someone for a signature just to learn they’re out sick for the day. Then, they might spill tea on a page so they have to print it again. This is all while juggling three or four other forms at the same time.

Rules, regulations, and best practices keep your company afloat, but complying with these policies requires a great deal of behind-the-scenes administrative work. And while there’s no room to question the importance of these operational tasks, they can be a little mundane. Plus, using outdated processes to complete this type of work makes it all the more slow and frustrating.

But, there’s a way to get this work done with less effort and in less time. The solution is to simplify as many HR processes as possible with the help of templates and forms. Streamlining things like recruitment, on-boarding, and tracking investigations means less time spent on operational paperwork and more time spent on your strategic goals.

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Assess Current Administrative Tasks

Implementing something new in the workplace is never an easy task, but a great spot to start is by asking employees for their feedback. Assess your current procedures. Ask employees what works, what doesn’t, and what causes them headaches.

The goal is to identify which processes can be automated, or which steps could be removed completely, to speed up workflow. Let the employees who actually do the administrative work tell you what would make their lives easier. You might be surprised when they tell you that yes, the computer software is out of date and no, the incident reporting system is not as efficient as it once was.

If that sounds familiar and you do need a new incident reporting system, our Incident Report Template can get you started.

Prioritize the HR Templates You Need

The next step is to assess and analyze the results of your data. It’s one thing to take the feedback but actually acting on it is what makes all the difference. The decent boss uncovers issues in the workplace but the great boss actually solves them; be the great boss.

You might not be able to solve all of the problems that are presented to you and that's okay. Prioritize the feedback gathered from employees and start by streamlining the top three or five systems. It's a gradual process and templates are here to help you.

Using HR templates to streamline administrative tasks makes employees happier and company budgets slimmer. The environment will thank you too.