The Best HR Case Management Software Has These 5 Features

The Best HR Case Management Software Has These 5 Features

When choosing the best HR case management software for you, look for features that save you time and money, and protect you from fines and lawsuits.

While 75 per cent of HR professionals use software to complete their everyday tasks, nearly half of those use software that's in need of an update.

Your organization needs an up-to-date case management system that fits with its current size and processes. Whether you're a first-time buyer or want to replace an old system, it's hard to know where to begin. Look for these five features when choosing the best HR case management software for your company.

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1. Remote Access

If anyone at your organization works from home or off-site or travels frequently, remote access is a must. Without it, team members have to jot down interview notes on paper or try to remember details until they get back to the office. As a result, important information may fall through the cracks.

Choose a web-based case management solution that allows you to work on cases anywhere. A mobile-optimized system that works well on all your devices makes remote updates even easier. You won't have to rely on your memory and can action urgent cases and tasks even if you're out of the office.

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2. Integration with HR Databases

Having to type or copy employee information into case files is tedious and time-consuming. HR teams rarely have a minute to spare. Save time and effort by choosing case management software that integrates with your existing HRIS or employee database.

The best HR case management software can populate case files with relevant employee information. Whether a member of the team creates a case or an employee submits a complaint through a reporting tool, filling out name, role, complaint history and other details takes just a few clicks.

3. Reporting Capabilities

Spotting trends and determining areas of risk in your organization lets you know where to focus your training efforts and policies. However, sorting through hard data takes a lot of work. Dealing with grievance and complaint reporting requirements makes the task even more difficult. Choose a case management system with reporting capabilities to create these reports for you.

The best HR case management software has reporting tools to create custom pie charts, graphs, heat maps and more. You'll be able to sort data by grievance type, location, case age, settlement status or any other field you set.

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4. Confidential Collaboration

Often, HR cases aren't confined to the HR department. You may need to collaborate with other offices, teams, departments and employees to gather all the information you need to resolve an issue. At the same time, maintaining confidentiality is essential.

A great case management system gives you the best of both worlds. Choose software with role-based access, which allows you to manage what each person can edit and view.

Look for a system with a secure centralized database, too. Rather than sending sensitive data through email, team members can work right in the secure platform.

5. Good Return on Investment

Case management software is a big investment for your organization, so what's in it for you? The right system can help you save time and money by eliminating administrative work and allowing fewer staff members to do more work in less time.

You'll also potentially avoid fines and lawsuits. When cases are actioned quickly, thoroughly and in compliance with relevant regulations and laws, everybody wins.

How much is case management software?

The cost of case management software depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Organization size
  • Number of users on the system
  • System complexity
  • Number of configured functions and fields

Look for a case management solution that is both competitively priced and configured to your organization's needs.

Need more help deciding on the best HR case management software for you? Check out our buyer's guide for all the information you need.