i-Sight Closes Out Record Year, Positions for Growth in 2022

i-Sight Closes Out Record Year, Positions for Growth in 2022

Corporate trends in ethical practices and incident prevention drive adoption of case management software 

Posted by Joe Gerard on February 12th, 2010

OTTAWA, Ontario – January 24, 2022 – i-Sight case management software, a leader in helping global organizations uncover, investigate, and prevent incidents and misconduct, today announced that it has closed a record-breaking year for 2021. The company surpassed several key growth metrics, including doubling its year over year sales, adding over 100 new customers to its roster of stellar brands, and growing the i-Sight team by 15 percent.

Massive changes to employer/employee dynamic

A report by Deloitte  explains that in 2022 employees are taking a hard look at their employers and evaluating whether they share values with the organization. As such, corporate DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) have risen to dominate executive concerns and planning.  Employers are looking for ways to provide safe and welcoming workplaces while enhancing their bottom line. i-Sight’s own research found that 40 per cent of honorees on the World’s Most Ethical Companies list  made more than double the profits of their competitors.

“More than ever before, the workforce of the future has no tolerance for discrimination, harassment, corruption and other misconduct. Smart leaders know that, to protect their reputation and bottom line, they must do more than just investigate incidents and misconduct: they must prevent them,” said i-Sight CEO Joe Gerard. “Our customers have responded to this challenge head-on. The team at i-Sight is excited to help even more organizations create safe, productive, and profitable workplaces by preventing misconduct and conducting effective investigations.

Monitor, prevent, and address organizational risk points

i-Sight is also announcing the release of i-Sight version 8.2, its most configurable and secure system yet, letting users track trends and risks most important to their organizations. With new i-Sight case management software, organizations can automate more processes than ever, and prevent more incidents from occurring.

“With i-Sight’s highly configurable solution, organizations can proactively analyze their complaints and case data to monitor trends and see opportunities for prevention,” said Ashley Rosa, Lead Product Manager for i-Sight. “With our platform, customers get a real-time, bird’s eye view of their ethics and compliance risks, so that they can uncover and eradicate misconduct before it takes root. Our incident and case data generate insightful reports that pinpoint internal risks and even help employers monitor external risks from suppliers, third parties, partners, and customers.”

For an overview of the i-Sight system in action, watch this short video:

About i-Sight

i-Sight was founded in 1999 out of a need for incident reporting software that didn’t force users into rigid, pre-configured systems. The intuitive solution resonated with those who needed more control over their corporate incident processes. Today, the company’s robust investigative case management and incident prevention solution delivers much-needed help for companies struggling to manage their increasing investigative workloads and use their data to implement risk management and prevention programs. www.i-sight.com 

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