We Have a New Name: i-Sight Is Now Case IQ 

We’re excited to share that we’ve changed our name from i-Sight to Case IQ! While the name i-Sight has served us well over the years, our investigative case management platform has advanced far beyond providing “line of sight” into workplace incidents.

Our new name and brand, Case IQ, reflect our company’s case management software expertise and ability to provide midsize and enterprise organizations with deep, actionable intelligence essential for addressing and preventing the widest range of workplace vulnerabilities.

One thing that hasn’t changed? An unwavering commitment to provide our customers with the industry’s best case management software, backed by the most specialized expertise available within this complex business niche.


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Challenges our customers face today

We’re acutely aware of the challenges today’s organizations face in addressing workplace incidents and navigating regulatory and compliance requirements, all while genuinely meeting the needs of employees.

The change to Case IQ occurs at a critical moment for employers that are challenged with a rise in risk from workplace incidents (e.g. misconduct, ethics violations, fraud, sexual harassment) and heightened regulatory and compliance requirements.

Compounding those challenges are growing expectations from employees and leadership teams alike. Employees increasingly look to their employers to support a “speak-up” culture and a safe workplace, while leadership teams look to case managers to identify trends in risk data and enact change to prevent future issues.

And even that’s not enough; it’s also essential to keep scanning the horizon for new vulnerabilities. In effect, leaders need to be actively working to future-proof their organizations.

It’s no wonder that the Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) space is growing at such a rapid rate. One estimate projects the GRC sector will grow to nearly US $70 billion by 2027.


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Communicating how we can help

To better communicate how we can help with those challenges, we needed our name – now Case IQ –  to convey the expertise we bring to case management and key benefits our platform delivers.

Despite the uptick in business threats, many organizations are still managing their workplace investigations with disparate systems and solutions that put them in a reactive and vulnerable position.

Case IQ has built world-class software used by many of the world’s leading brands to proactively manage incidents that are costly and that can cause reputational damage.

Some key benefits of Case IQ include:

  • Automated and streamlined workflows that saves money and ensure cases are managed in a timely and compliant way. 
  • Centralized, consistent documentation that protects companies from information gaps, and provides backup if their processes are challenged by regulators or in court. 
  • Without data, you’re flying without a map (and not improving!). Case IQ provides easy analysis of historic case data to inform corrective and preventive measures. 


Want to see how Case IQ can improve your internal investigative proccesses?

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World-class software to improve your processes

Since our founding in 1999, organizations have relied on our software to investigate virtually any type of workplace incident to protect their businesses, brands, and employees. Today, Case IQ counts over 80,000 users on its platform who are actively addressing workplace incidents, resolving millions of cases, and preventing billions of dollars in potential litigation.

Case IQ provides organizations with unrivaled case intake capabilities, workflow configuration, automation, and advanced analytics that are essential for increasing the capacity, accuracy, and efficiency of workplace investigation teams.

As the new Case IQ, we fortify our market position in the GRC space and our commitment to offer the most advanced, comprehensive, and configurable case management software available today.