Why Your HRIS Can’t Be Your Case Management System

Using your HRIS for case management puts your organization at risk.

A one-stop HR platform you can use for recruitment, employee data storage and investigations sounds convenient, right? While it might be cheaper or quicker to buy one solution, your human resources investigations will suffer, putting your organization at risk of repeat or missed incidents, non-compliance penalties and employee lawsuits.

Here’s why you should choose a purpose-built case management system to handle employee misconduct, rather than using your HRIS.


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HRISs Are One-Size-Fits-All

Using your HRIS or other rigid solutions, you’re stuck with pre-built, uneditable workflows that require you to change your investigative processes to fit the system, rather than the other way around. On the other hand, case management software is configurable by design, which means it easily adapts to your procedures.

With an HRIS, your team must learn both new software and new case management workflows, slowing adoption and usage. This gives issues time to escalate, which increases risk to your employees and your organization. With Case IQ’s case management software, you can configure your system with the help of a Case IQ team member, then make changes on your own as you grow and scale, without a support ticket.

Reliance on your HRIS provider’s release schedule can mean months of delay for changes your team needs now. However, case management software lets you easily adapt your system when there are changes in legislation, leadership or team structure. You’ll decrease risk and speed up resolution time by making updates when youneed them.


HRISs Provide Canned Reports

HRISs often use simple, standard reports. When you have complex cases or a high caseload, this could lead to forgotten or missed details. Case management software provides a broad range of reports and ability to report on any data point captured in the process.

Reports often can’t be edited within HRISs, which requires exporting sensitive data into Excel and more work from your team to gain insights. On the other hand, case management software uses standardized analytics to increase reliability and equip your team with valuable data insights.

When you use an HRIS, informed decision-making is difficult given that the data sets provided are unreliable and incomplete. Case IQ’s award-winning business intelligence (BI) tool, though, makes it easy to share, broadcast and present insights as well as make informed business decisions. You’ll be able to analyze and report on trends in incident types and locations with just a few clicks, so you can prevent employee misconduct and reduce risk.

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HRISs Cause Departmental Silos

Siloed software solutions limit the ability of organizations to share key issues across departments. Even worse, single department knowledge greatly limits organizational visibility into risk and best practices for efficient and effective investigations.

If you use purpose-built case management software, though, you can scale your system to include multiple departments, including HR, ER, LR, legal, security, ethics & compliance and more. This is ideal for investigations that don’t fit cleanly into one department or another, or if aspects of the case concern multiple departments (e.g. a discrimination claim is both HR- and compliance-related).

Essential information and evidence that may be in another department cannot be discovered and utilized when you’re using a siloed solution like an HRIS. But with Case IQ’s case linking functionality, you can make more informed decisions. With clear insight into all departments’ historic cases, you can use data to inform your preventive measures (e.g. training, policy updates, etc.)


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How Case IQ Can Help

When selecting case management software for handling HR investigations, go with the experts. Case IQ brings 20 years of expertise in providing the world’s leading brands with investigative case management software, especially for HR. While there are alternatives available, none provide the flexibility and configurability, multi-channel incident reporting, and advanced analytics that efficiently enable organizations to protect against risk today and into the future.

Learn more about how Case IQ can improve your HR investigations here.