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Investigations Maturity Model

From workplace investigations expert Meric Bloch

A workplace investigation does more than determine if employee misconduct occurred; it should promote business success.

Do your investigations:

  • Support the other parts of your compliance program?
  • Bolster a speak-up culture?
  • Identify unacceptable business risks?
  • Show where financial control weaknesses exist?
  • Identify accountability lapses?

Organizations should use a maturity model to evaluate their investigative program and its future. In this white paper, Meric Bloch of Winter Investigations will explain how.

Meric Bloch is an author, speaker, and consultant on topics including human resources, management, and internal investigations. He is the Principal at his consulting firm Winter Investigations, and holds professional certifications including Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Financial Crime Specialist, and Professional Certified Investigator.