Case IQ’s newest version includes pre-set templates, as well as AI-powered copilots for case summarization and translation. Click here to watch our run-down of these exciting new features.

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Conducting Fraud Investigations with Case Management Software eBook

Investigate every type of fraud using one case management tool, including:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Employee fraud
  • Credit card and bank fraud
  • Data and identity theft

Case management software provides all the information you need to identify trends and areas of risk and compiles the data you need for thorough fraud investigations. It helps you catch fraudsters faster and recover more money lost to fraud.

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80,000+ users. 5M+ cases resolved. 10M+ lives safeguarded.

As an industry leader and pioneer for over 20 years, Case IQ has always been 100% focused on providing the very best in service and support.

  • Resolve cases 89% faster
  • Reduce average manager time by 50% per case
  • Reduce average investigator time by 50% per case
  • Reduce average manager reporting time by 75%
  • Achieve real ROI within months
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