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4 Ways Complaint Software Improves Your Customer Service

4 Ways Complaint Software Improves Your Customer Service

Fine-tune your processes to establish a reputation for excellence.

Companies that provide exceptional customer service enjoy four to eight per cent more higher revenues than their competitors.

Improving customer experience can be challenging, especially if you don't have the right tools. Complaint software streamlines complaint management processes to help your team work more efficiently and establish a reputation for great service. Here's how.

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1. Resolve Complaints Faster

Quick response time is a pillar of good customer service. Customer complaint software lets you respond to issues right away by automating the intake process.

You can integrate your intake mechanisms with the software so you never miss a complaint. As soon as a complaint is submitted, a case file is created and a team member assigned to handle it. This cuts out the time-consuming logging and assignment steps so your team can resolve complaints faster.

2. Prevent Issues

Customer complaints are an unfortunate part of running a company. You can reduce your risk of issues, though, by analyzing trends for better prevention.

Complaint software with a data analysis tool helps customer service teams spot areas of risk. For example, do customers often complain about timeliness of service or employee interactions? Do you receive lots of complaints about a particular store or employee?

Spotting complaint patterns can help you focus your training and policy and procedure updates. You'll stop issues before they start, improving customer experience.

3. Better Protect Customer Data

When a customer submits a complaint, they trust that your company will keep their personal information safe. They may provide their name, phone number, email address or home address. Once that information is in your hands, you can be held liable if it is breached.

Complaint software keeps customers' information private. Its secure, password-protected platform is safer than storing customer data in spreadsheets or on paper.

In addition, teams can set up role-based access within the system. This limits each user's access to data they need to work with, reducing the number of people who can view sensitive information.

4. Show You Value Your Customers

Most customers just want to feel heard, even if you don't make a change as a result of their complaint.

One way to do this is to ensure no complaints fall through the cracks. Complaint software shows who worked on the case, what they did and when. This ensures timely responses and reduces duplication of effort.

Complaint software also lets you prioritize cases for follow-up. Contacting a customer to check if their problem was successfully resolved shows your company is committed to excellent service, which can boost your reputation and, in turn, earnings.