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Announcement: WhistleBlower Security Is Now Part of Case IQ 

Case IQ is excited to announce its acquisition of WhistleBlower Security (WBS), a leading provider of ethics and compliance reporting solutions with an industry-leading hotline case intake offering.

But what does this mean for the future of employee engagement? Why is this partnership important to your corporate governance? Keep reading (and watch the video below) to learn more about next steps for Case IQ.


Why Hotlines?

To fully manage your organization’s risk, you need effective intake methods that uncover issues and incidents that need attention. This acquisition is part of Case IQ’s overall strategy to be the worldwide leader in intake offerings that promote employee empowerment, helping them report matters via their preferred communication method (e.g., web intake, mobile application, virtual hotline).

Telephone-based reporting mechanisms, a long-established element of case management intake, are growing in prominence worldwide and represent over one-third of all reports. WhistleBlower Security is a global leader in ethics hotline capability.

Corporate ethics, compliance, and HR cases (among a wide array of other sensitive incident types) rely on hotline reports coming directly from employees, so an ethical reporting hotline offering is essential to enabling your employees, customers and others to report incidents. An integrated hotline can help you foster a culture of ethics, reduce your risk of non-compliance penalties, and give you a reputation for handling incidents swiftly.

Need more convincing? According to the ACFE, organizations with hotlines detect fraud schemes an average of six months faster than those without. Another study found that higher internal hotline usage saves organizations up to $8 million in regulatory fines each year, as well as 46% fewer negative news stories.


Learn why you need both a hotline and case management software to reduce risk.

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Case Management Software and Hotlines: An Ideal Pairing for a Speak Up Culture

When used together, whistleblower hotlines and case management software like Case IQ help you foster an ethical culture while protecting your organization from fines, lawsuits and other negative consequences. By uniting a whistleblowing hotline with our specialized case management solution, Case IQ aims to invest and further build a robust intake capability to deliver unparalleled efficiency with actionable insights.

By offering both WBS’ reporter-centric solution and our investigator-centric solution, we can help you improve your internal investigations from end to end. During the intake phase, you need a safe and easy-to-use mechanism, especially if your team has to sift through a large volume of hotline reports. Paired with case management software, you can streamline the first stages, leading to quicker responses and more efficient triaging.

In the case management and investigation stages, an incident reporting hotline provides relevant data you need to start an investigation ASAP. It captures information including involved parties, incident details, and the incident’s time and location. Integrating a hotline with a case management system ensures that all this report information is automatically pulled into a new case file, reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

Finally, combining these two systems improves case data analysis and reporting. WhistleBlower Security’s whistleblower hotline collects important incident data, but it’s not very valuable when used alone. Case IQ’s case management software complements the confidential reporting hotline by allowing your team to identify trends, patterns and recurring issues using our world-class business intelligence tool.

The WhistleBlower Security brand will continue operating alongside Case IQ as the companies work together to make WhistleBlower’s hotline capabilities available to all customers.  Case IQ is thrilled to offer this new technology that will help our customers uncover, investigate, and prevent issues more effectively and efficiently than ever.


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