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Ethical Internet Investigations

Ethical Internet Investigations – Researching the Right Way


The internet is a powerful tool for research, especially relevant for HR, health care fraud, corporate investigators, and attorneys looking for information on subjects and witnesses in investigations. But some end up getting into trouble for crossing the line when using the Internet to research, contact or connect with their targets. Where do you draw the line between being resourceful and unethical? What does the law say? Can and should you exploit holes or hack system to get the information you need for your case?

Join Cynthia Hetherington, expert investigator and trainer, as she discusses the current laws, acceptable practices and pitfalls of conducting online investigations.

Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • The perils of taking shortcuts in online investigations
  • Legitimate and ethical online search tactics
  • Laws and compliance requirements of online investigations
  • Ways to stay abreast of today’s compliance and legal requirements

Webinar Presenter

Cynthia Hetherington
Cynthia Hetherington


Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM, CFE, - Cynthia has more than 20 years of experience in research, investigations and corporate intelligence. She was the recipient of the 2012 'Speaker of the Year Award' from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (www.ACFE.org). Her company, the Hetherington Group, is a national consulting, publishing and training firm specializing in intelligence, security and investigations.

One of the country's most respected online investigators, Cynthia has combined her Master of Library Science, Master of Science in Management, experience as a Certified Fraud Examiner, and over 20 years of computer expertise, to establish her company as a leader in the online and internet investigative industry.

Cynthia has been recognized for her work in overseeing national and international investigations for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Watch the Webinar

Watch the Webinar