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Investigating Using the Dark Web

Investigating Using the Dark Web

Most investigators turn to Google and common social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to conduct research for their investigations. However, much of the Internet is inaccessible through simple searches, and criminals are increasingly turning to the dark web to conduct illicit business.

The dark web is anonymous and requires a special browser to access and some knowledge of how to navigate it safely. However, used properly, it can be a valuable source of information for investigators. It’s worthwhile for every investigator to develop the skills and knowledge to mine this treasure trove of dark data.

Join Chad Los Schumacher, investigator and researcher at iThreat Cyber Group, as he leads participants on an exploration of investigations in the dark web.

Webinar attendees will learn:
  • What the dark web is and how it fits into the rest of the worldwide web
  • What can be found on the dark web
  • How to get to the dark web using Tor and other browsers
  • How to locate common hubs and resources on the dark web and explore what they have to offer
  • How to bring leads from the dark web to the surface in an investigation

Webinar Presenter

Chad Los Schumacher
Chad Los Schumacher

Team Lead at iThreat Cyber Group

Chad Los Schumacher is an investigator and researcher at iThreat Cyber Group who handles DNS and fraud investigations and also provides training for law enforcement. He has a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University and an M.S. in Intelligence Analysis from Mercyhurst University. He has been tinkering with computers and networks since he was about five years old, starting with a Gateway 386.

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