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Use Employee Strengths to Build Engagement and Lower Conflict

Use Employee Strengths to Build Engagement and Lower Conflict

Employees who use their strengths feel more fulfilled and passionate about their roles.

Is your company a strength-based operation? Simply stated, a strength-based organization is one that assumes each employee has a specific set of strengths and they utilize these strengths to the fullest. This means that each employee can develop and grow within the company based on their personal strengths, thereby allowing for a sense of fulfillment for the worker.

Gallup research shows that employees who can utilize their strengths are six times more likely to be more actively involved in their roles than those who can’t. Gallup's research also indicates that those who do not operate from a position of strength tend to achieve less, feel less fulfilled and interact poorly with other employees and customers. It's a recipe for unnecessary workplace conflict.

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Passionate Employees Build a Better Workplace Culture

The strength based system follows the "do what you are good at, not what you love" philosophy.  This also means that no longer are people hired for the same position taught the same skill. They may be taught different skills depending upon their strengths.

Following a strength based system can also mean hiring specialists to come in and focus on doing one specific task or working on one specific type of project. The advantage to you and your business is that this allows for the creation of employees who are invested in your business and empowered in their actions, passionate about their projects and produces positive results and real productivity.

I have used this method in my own company with great success. Not everyone fits into the same basket, but everyone is recognized and rewarded for their individual strengths.

How to Adopt a Strength-Based Workforce

The basic steps to creating a strength based company includes evaluating employee skill sets and identifying the best fit for projects. Think of it as a puzzle and build diverse teams comprised of different ages, genders, cultures, perspectives and passions, each able to bring unique thinking and approaches to the team. Then allow them to create. Take risks and listen to their approaches and thinking. Don’t be afraid of conflict. It can be a useful tool.

And most importantly, focus on their strengths and their passions. Doing this can help create a cohesive workplace and build a team of forward thinking, strength based workers who can help to move your company upwards to new levels.