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Eliminating Bias in Investigations

Eliminating Bias in Investigations

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An investigator’s job is to come to an unbiased conclusion about something that has occurred. But if the investigator is impacted by unconscious biases, staying impartial can be challenging.

It’s important, therefore, for anyone conducting investigations to recognize the potential for bias and work towards eliminating it. The more we understand our own biases, and the vulnerability we all have to be influenced by cognitive biases, the more we can do to prevent these biases from impacting our decision making.

Amy Oppenheimer, attorney, author and leading expert on workplace investigations, teaches investigators to conduct impartial investigations that aren’t affected by unconscious biases or the influence of external forces.

  • To identify the different forms of unconscious bias
  • The impact that bias can have on an investigation
  • How to recognize the signs of unconscious bias
  • What the Implicit Association Test (IAT) can teach us about unconscious bias
  • What studies have taught us about bias in different segments, such as law and education
  • What confirmation bias is and how to avoid it

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