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Investigating Misconduct: Reaching a Decision and Determining Root Causes

Investigating Misconduct: Reaching a Decision and Determining Root Causes

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So you’ve completed your workplace investigation and it’s time to pull all the information and evidence together to draw a conclusion and make a decision about what happened. But that’s not all; you will also want to find out why the misconduct occurred so that you can put into place measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Do you know where to start?

Watch Meric Bloch, investigator, author and speaker, as he outlines the steps you will need to take to wrap up the investigation in a way that best benefits the company.

Webinar viewers will learn:
  • Determining the weight of your evidence
  • Identifying the information to use in your findings
  • When to refer the case to law enforcement agencies
  • Assessing credibility
  • Understanding the types of root causes and how to explain them

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