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Whistleblower Policy Template

Whistleblower Policy Template

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A whistleblower policy is an essential document for organizations in every field and industry. First, it protects employees from retaliation and other harm, ensuring you are compliant with relevant whistleblower protection laws.

In addition, a strong policy encourages a speak up culture where employees feel safe raising issues. Faster, more accurate reporting means you can address issues before they escalate or even start. When employees feel safe reporting internally, you also avoid potential PR and compliance disasters that come from sharing information on social media or with external bodies.

Download this free whistleblower policy template to show employees, business partners and the public that you're committed to a safe, ethical and compliant workplace.

How do you write a whistleblower policy? This template explains through:

  • Instructions for writing your policy
  • Editable sections
  • Sample text

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