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How Case Management Software Helps NDIS Providers Handle HR Incidents

NDIS, Aged Care and Children & Youth providers have unique case management needs. Here's how a purpose-built system can improve your organization's HR investigations for a safer working environment.

Even the most welcoming, inclusive organizations can experience discrimination, harassment and other employee misconduct at times. In order to protect both your company and its employees, NDIS providers need a way to resolve workplace incidents efficiently, safely and decisively.

Case management software provides the clarity and perspective you need to take action, spot trends and safeguard against future incidents. Keep reading to learn why a secure case management solution is a much better option than spreadsheets, home-grown solutions or other outdated systems.


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Uncover Incident Trends for Better Prevention

The ability to report on incidents is crucial for NDIS providers. In order to minimize issues, you need clear insight into emerging incident trends.

Case IQ’s Business Intelligence tool lets you clearly identify incident “hot spots” by filtering historic case data by client, house, program or location. Using this information, you can make data-driven business decisions, including updates to:

  • Current employee training modules
  • Staffing decisions (e.g. moving or adding)
  • Safety measures
  • Client complaint handling protocol
  • Your compliance program

When organizations make decisions like these without the benefit of good data, they often end up wasting time and money. They may even find themselves facing significant fines, penalties and/or lawsuits. A case management tool with built-in data analysis offers a great solution, and can help you prevent issues that could impact your clients, employees and company.


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Resolve Incidents Faster with Consistent Workflows

Managing incidents is complex – especially when you’re dealing with sensitive information. NDIS, Aged Care and Children & Youth providers need streamlined, consistent processes in order to resolve incidents efficiently and effectively.

Inconsistencies in your case management could lead to:

  • Increased liability: The inability to locate investigation data can be problematic if your processes are questioned by the NDIS.
  • Data breaches: Manually processing healthcare-related and other personal data puts you at higher risk of cybersecurity issues.
  • Reputation damage: If you handle similar incidents in different ways, or in ways that lead to different outcomes, your employees, clients and the public could decide your organization isn’t trustworthy.
  • Slower resolution time: You need to resolve issues quickly, but burdensome case tracking and management can make incidents drag on.

Modern case management software lets you fine-tune your team’s workflows to ensure that every incident is handled according to protocols. With convenient form templates, your team can document case information and report consistently. Want to make sure you hit those NDIS reporting requirements? Set up rules within your system to send  automated notifications alerting team members when they have an upcoming deadline.


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Record Incidents Securely with a Browser-Based Platform

Case IQ’s web-based application is accessible on any web-enabled device. That means that incidents can be recorded as soon as they occur, from anywhere at any time. You won’t risk missing details if an issue arises while you’re away from the facility or office. You’ll also ensure that you’re meeting notification requirements for NDIS reportable incidents.

All details and supporting documents are secured in one central case file, so team members can easily work together to resolve incidents more efficiently. Want to keep data away from prying eyes? Protect your sensitive information by specifying access based on specific job roles or even by individual user.

Finally, every case file contains an audit trail documenting who worked on what, and when. This is great for helping to keep your team and their investigations on track.


How Case IQ Can Help

Case IQ’s modern case management solution provides NDIS providers with effective incident management and intelligence, all together in one place. You’ll be able to oversee every part of the case management lifecycle on a platform that’s easily configurable to fit your team’s workflow. Fine-tune forms, dashboards and reporting to stay NDIS compliant and resolve cases faster, helping your team and the people you serve.

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