i-Sight Software’s v8 Give Users the Power to Create Custom Forms and Fields

i-Sight Software’s v8 Lets Companies Focus on Incident & Misconduct Prevention With Configurable Forms and Fields

The newest version of i-Sight adds another level of configurability for users

Posted by Joe Gerard on February 12th, 2010

OTTAWA, Ontario, September 9, 2021 – i-Sight has announced the launch of v8 of its industry-leading investigative case management software, used to investigate and prevent misconduct and fraud in some of the world’s biggest organizations.

With a powerful new feature that increases the software’s configurability, i-Sight’s v8 gives users the ability to fully configure forms and fields in their system, instantly staying up-to-date with their business so they can focus on monitoring trends and prevention.

“It gives our customers even more control over how they use the software to manage investigations,” says Joe Gerard, i-Sight’s CEO. “The custom form builder lets them change the application according to their processes without having to submit a support ticket with us, saving time and letting our customers focus on preventing incidents and misconduct.”

Custom Form Builder

Customers can now build their own custom forms within the application. Administrators can:

  • Report on data collected in custom forms, letting them see new incidents and trends instantly for quicker response times
  • Pull custom form data into document templates for consistent incident reporting that decreases risk
  • Save and copy custom form records with unique data fields, tabs, and sections to ensure they never miss crucial investigation details
  • Export custom form configuration data to keep the power of full configurability in their control

Users can configure their application according to their needs with no wait, allowing them to stay on top of changing internal processes and procedures.

“Our goal is to make i-Sight as user-friendly and configurable as possible,” says Gerard. “We want to put the power into our customers’ hands so they can work effectively.”

About i-Sight

i-Sight is a leading provider of web-based investigative case management software. Established in 1999, the privately held firm enables companies to investigate and prevent fraud and theft, employee misconduct, bribery and corruption, security and legal incidents, and manage risk through in-depth reporting and analysis. Find more information about i-Sight’s industry-leading solutions at www.i-sight.com.

For further information, contact:
Joe Gerard, CEO
800-465-6089 or media@i-sight.com

Joe Gerard
Joe Gerard

CEO, i-Sight

Spend my days showing off the i-Sight investigative case management software and finding ways to help clients improve their investigations. Usually working with corporate security, HR & employee relations, compliance and legal teams.

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