Reporting with Case IQ

More efficient, consistent & data-driven case management

Oversee every part of your case management lifecycle with Case IQ’s easily configurable platform. Learn how in our free eBook.

Organizations need real-time business intelligence and reporting to provide actionable insights to all stakeholder groups. With improved oversight, you’ll reduce risk through in-depth analysis of investigation data. Download the eBook to learn more.


See what’s inside:

  • How reports give you the information you need to determine where and when correct action is needed, in real-time
  • Personalized dashboards for users are easy to create so you can detect emerging trends
  • How using dynamic dashboards can allow users to click through to get more detail behind the results
  • Presenting data has never been easier: the drag-and-drop interface make sharing data easy


“Since implementing [Case IQ], responding to reports was reduced from an hour to 15 minutes, and detailed reporting provides information on the numbers and types of cases to help with training and prevention.”

-Jonaura Wisdom, Director, EEO & Civil Rights Compliance