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Workplace Investigations: Meric Bloch Answers Your Pressing Questions

Workplace Investigations: Meric Bloch Answers Your Pressing Questions

Best practices for the intake and decision-making phases of your investigations

We recently hosted a webinar on the intake and decision making process for workplace investigations. Meric Bloch, principal of Winter Compliance and an investigator, speaker and trainer, delivered an information-packed hour of training on workplace investigation strategies and best practices.

There were dozens of questions from the audience, some of which couldn't be answered due to time constraints. Following the webinar, Meric agreed to answer some of the remaining questions in a webcam interview and the resulting video is posted below.


  1. Who do you speak to first when conducting an investigation:  the reporter or the implicated person?
  2. Do you discourage recording interviews with the reporter?
  3. Is it a good idea to ask the reporter who else he has told about the problem and what he told that person?
  4. How do you address confidentiality and telling the reporter not to assist the investigation in light of the NLRB ruling in Banner Health?
  5. When a reporter asks if the conversation is confidential, how do I answer that accurately?
  6. Do you believe that investigators have biases? How can they overcome them?

To watch the full webinar Investigation Basics: Intake and the Decision to Investigate, click here.