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Getting ROI for Workplace Investigations

Getting ROI for Workplace Investigations

An effective framework can help investigators focus on root causes and results

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Workplace investigations are expensive and time consuming, but they are necessary for risk management, compliance and, at the most basic level, for business continuity. Considering the time and money spent on investigations, it's surprising that many companies fail to use the results of their investigations to make better decisions that reduce incidents and lower risk. 

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The Winter Method, created by Meric Bloch, attorney, investigator, author and speaker, is a five-part framework for conducting business-focused workplace investigations that are efficient, effective and deliver maximum ROI for the company.

The Winter Method

The Winter Method contains five parts:

  • Identifying the investigative issues
  • Preparing for the investigation
  • Collecting documentation and other information and evidence
  • Analyzing that information
  • Presenting the findings

The Winter Method focuses not only on the investigator's efforts in the investigation, but also on protecting the organization and increasing ROI. It includes a framework for a robust ethics and compliance program, a hotline and intake method, a protocol and a baseline standard, among others.

Watch the video below to learn about how the Winter Method helps investigators deliver ROI for the companies they serve.

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