How to Incorporate “Psyber Resilience” into Your Security Strategy

Every industry experiences some level of stress, burnout, and mental health challenges, but there’s one that is outranking all others by a wide margin: cybersecurity.

In a 2019 Symantec study of nearly 3,000 security professionals almost two thirds of cybersecurity professionals reported that they have considered quitting their jobs or leaving the industry because of stress and burnout. This has dangerous implications for every company that relies on these first responders to keep their data and businesses safe.

Join Neal O’Farrell, cybersecurity expert, as he discusses these mental health challenges and maps out a strategy for building “psyber resilience” in your cybersecurity team.

Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • The impact of stress and burnout on security professionals, and how to manage it
  • Tools to help cybersecurity professionals cope with these challenges
  • Organizational improvements and solutions to reduce stress and burnout for these digital first responders
  • Creating programs to maximize the psyber resilience in the security workforce

Webinar Presenter
Neal OFarrell
Neal OFarrell

Data Ethics Expert

Neal O’Farrell is a 40-year veteran of cybersecurity and privacy and a recent convert to the use of the data ethics principles of AI to improve security, privacy and trust. Neal is data ethics advisor to a number of organizations, teaches data ethics as a security and privacy solution, and is a member of the new ethics action cluster of the NIST/DHS Smart and Secure Cities Initiative.