Who’s Lying? Using the Cognitive Interview to Assess Credibility in Workplace Investigations


When investigating a “he said/she said” case of sexual harassment or other alleged misconduct, are you using scientifically validated methods to interview witnesses, assess their credibility, and reach a defensible conclusion?

Over the past 15 years, scientists have found that much of the conventional wisdom on how to effectively interview witnesses and determine truthfulness is wrong. At the same time, courts have found companies liable for using scientifically unproven interviewing techniques in workplace investigations.

In this webinar you will learn about the hundreds of research studies that scientists have conducted on how to best interview witnesses and assess credibility. You will learn how to apply these scientifically validated methods to your investigations.

Join the i-Sight (now Case IQ) team and former U.S. Department of Justice attorney Michael Johnson on as they discuss how to apply these scientifically validated methods to your investigations.

By examining videos and case studies, you will learn:

• Which common beliefs about spotting deception are incorrect
• How to apply research-based methods to detect signs of deception and truthfulness
• How to utilize the “Cognitive Interview,” which is the most widely researched interviewing technique in the world

Webinar Presenter
Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is CEO of Clear Law Institute, which provides online training on workplace investigations, harassment prevention, and other ethics and compliance topics for thousands of employers around the world. Michael was the lead attorney on one of DOJ’s first class action sexual harassment cases. He has provided investigations training for organizations around the world, including Google, the EEOC, FedEx, and the World Bank. He is a graduate of Duke University and Harvard Law School.

Watch the Webinar

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